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Certified 100 % Integrated Cleaned ®

GSI America Inc. has developed this cleaning program in more than 10 years of deep experience and in-depth knowledge acquired in serving to different industries.

This program ensures a professional cleaning service by coordinating five essential elements so as; people, equipment, social and ecological environment, procedures and training.

Janitorial Management Program ®

GSI America has developed JMP to provide an additional experienced Janitorial cleaning program to property Managers, improving the performance of their current Janitorial service provider.

This program includes:

Design of Daily Cleaning Procedures specifying task, time, products and equipment for each one

Follow up of Janitorial Company documentation regarding insurance, liability and employees

Monthly trainings programs to employees and certification of attendance in: Floor treatment - Use of products - Office Cleaning - Carpet Spotting & Washing - How to became a great Supervisor

It is crucial to get a program to help keep the Janitorial service in an high level of performance.

LEED ® Green Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning for LEED buildings, the intent is to reduce the use of chemicals and toxins that can hurt human health, building finishes, indoor air quality and the environment.

General Liability & Surety Bonds

It covers ours Clients in the event that GSI America Inc. employees cause bodily injury or property damage on their premises or their client's premises.

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