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Our innovative cleaning program ensures a cost-effective professional cleaning service designed to exceed our customer’s expectation from day one.

This mission prompted a re-invention of past cleaning habits into new, innovative, and leading-edge cleaning approaches.

Our cleaning program guarantees a consistent and thorough service every day by coordinating five essential elements: a proactive daily cleaning approach, a critical inspection process, a dynamic reporting system, and the implementation of an adequate course of action for any situation. 

It also includes our company guidelines, cleanliness standards, task frequencies and cleaning philosophies witch basically consists of 4 core values that have remained unchanged since the beginning:

- Passion: People are the heart of our business. Relationships and partnerships create mutual success.

- Reputable: We operate with integrity and diligence. Our reputation, reliability and sound business ethics are integral to our service.

- Original: Our entrepreneurial foundation continues to drive our spirit of innovation, inventiveness, creation of custom and relevant solutions for in a complex marketplace.

- Proactive: Response to our customer’s needs with adaptability and flexibility is what makes us unique and valued.

Our vision is to inspire cleaner and healthier work environments by connecting people, innovation, technology and strong ethical values to build a strong customer relationship.